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IDEA 3D STUDIO is a world where you can make a masterpiece of you, just by pressing “print”.

By all means, innovators are creating things beyond what we could have imagined. 3D printing is one of the most fascinating modern technologies. It is indeed fascinating, but it’s actually not modern. It’s almost 40 years old. However, it’s the most modern technology here in Nepal which is brought to you by Idea For Nepal, the subsidiary of Idea For World (IDEA Group). Headquarter in Hong Kong, IDEA GROUP is a multinational business group that is formed by a group of Non-Resident Nepalese and their International business partner. With the diverse business backgrounds of its founders, IDEA Group is focusing on Agriculture, Technologies, Hotels & Tourism, and Infrastructure projects worldwide. Similarly, IDEA 3D Studio is IDEA GROUPS’s very new technology based project managed independently by IDEA FOR NEPAL.


IDEA 3D is a IDEA GROUP-owned and operated business using state-of-the-art digital 3D-scanning technology to create photo-realistic full-colour 3D-models and mini-replicas of our up to human-sized customers. Yes, even you! We are proudly the first provider of personal 3D-full-body digitisation services to the Nepali consumer and commercial market. With 278 cameras, IDEA 3D scanner is the latest technology in the world and we are the first one to adopt this technology in South Asia. Our state-of- the-art digital capturing (3D-scanning) technology creates photo-realistic digital 3D-human (or animal) models of our customers. This means that you can get a model made of you. Once captured you will be able to privately view, share, 3D-colour- print or use your interactive digital 3D-models for value-added personal 3D-lifestyle services.
3D printed figures are a great and innovative gift idea, these mini figures will always be in high demand, and making them is simpler than you think. It’s fun, realistic and unique way to create fantastic memories of special moments such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, pregnancy and many others. Creating the perfect gift has never been easier, no worries, IDEA 3D is now here for you.

  • The Easiest Way To Get 3D Printing
  • Need It Fast? We Can Help.
  • Brilliant Finishing
  • State of the art technology

Record Children’s growth

Our latest scanning technology makes it easy and simple to capture the best moment of your children as it only takes 1 second to capture the full 3D image. It is always a good idea to keep recording the growth of your children.

Record Pet's Life

What is better than keeping a collection of your beloved pet’s figure at home? Most of the owners find it difficult to keep your pets freeze for a photo, with our scanning you don’t need to worry as it only takes 1 second to capture the full 3D image.

Record Family Life

A family portrait can be a 3D figure collection rather than a 2D photo hangs on the wall. They can even be decorated with accessories like furniture, model house, vehicles, etc. It can be a special and memorable ornament to be put at home.