IDEA 3D is a Nepalese-owned and operated business using state-of-the-art digital 3D-scanning technology to create photo-realistic full-colour 3D-models and mini-replicas of our up to human-sized customers. Yes, even you! We are proudly the first provider of personal 3D-full-body digitisation services to the Nepali consumer and commercial market. With 278 cameras, IDEA 3D scanner is the latest technology in the world and we are the first one to adopt this technology in South Asia. Our state-of- the-art digital capturing (3D-scanning) technology creates photo-realistic digital 3D-human (or animal) models of our customers. This means that you can get a model made of you. Once captured you will be able to privately view, share, 3D-colour- print or use your interactive digital 3D-models for value-added personal 3D-lifestyle services.
3D printed figures are a great and innovative gift idea, these mini figures will always be in high demand, and making them is simpler than you think. It’s fun, realistic and unique way to create fantastic memories of special moments such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, pregnancy and many others. Creating the perfect gift has never been easier, no worries, IDEA 3D is now here for you.

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Preserve Memorable Moments

Make it a yearly tradition to get an IDEA 3D printed statue every Special Days. You don’t need an actual reason to get a 3D-model, but just in case. These occasions are perfect:

Graduation 3D Statue

Graduation can be a memorable event in an individuals life and the ceremony moments can be preserved via a 3D printed Statue. We offer 3D printed statue of your graduation moments.

Pregnancy 3D Statue

The bond between a mother and a baby is precious and the memories can be preservedd in the form of a statue. We offer 3D printed statue of your pregnancy moments.

Parents 3D Statue

The memory of parents remain with us though out our life. The scaled version of statue will bring us closer to the memories. We offer 3D printed statue of your parents.

Wedding 3D Statue

Wedding moments are one of the most preserved moments of our life and having a scaled statue of the wedding moment can be heart warming. We offer 3D printed statue of your wedding moments.